Sunday, November 16, 2008

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

We celebrated Gavin's birthday today with the Wallaces. It's always a party when Gav and Bay are together!

My son is SO spoiled. He got the Polar Express Movie (we're doing the train ride on the Heber Creeper when we're in Utah), a Doctor's Kit, a Leapster 2, the Nemo game for the Leapster, a Playdough extravaganza, a bunch of new clothes and...

...the new David Archuleta CD. I totally created an American Idol addict this summer. We listened to it while he was getting ready for bed, but finally had to turn it off because he wouldn't stop "drumming" on the ottoman. He totally wants to be a rock star...too bad he's tone deaf.

Here's the cake. My sister-in-law, Elizabeth (aka Looli), has totally ruined me when it comes to homemade frosting. I will never purchase a "store bought" cake again, unless it's from a real bakery (i.e. Schimdt's in WJ is hella good!). So, I have to make my own frosting even though my decorating skills are a little subpar. However, Gavin knows how to make me feel good about these types of projects. Every time someone walked in our house tonight, the first thing he'd say was, "Want to come see my cake?" It wasn't pretty, but he was really excited about it.

Super Cute! Father and son trying out the new toy. Jamie was so patient with Gav! I was so impressed!

Don't worry. We didn't forget Laynie in all the hoopla. She was just happy to crawl around and eat cake crumbs off the floor. GROSS!!

She and Gav got matching "monkey skins." I tried to get Gav to pose, but all the b-day pictures wore him out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Week's Highlights

I had sort of a crazy week and didn't get many pictures taken. No pictures, no blog. I guess I could spend the time to write quips about my life and kids, but it's sort of like a book without illustration. And that's not nearly as much fun. But some good things did happen this week that I want to jot down for posterity (and for anyone who cares to read more than this paragraph).

5. Mission Accomplished!

You know that never-ending checklist of things you are always trying to get done? Well, I did most of mine this week. That might not be a highlight to anyone else but having the bathrooms, kitchen, living room, kids rooms and bed linens all clean on the same day is a HUGE deal to me! But it only lasted about 12 hours. So definitely no pictures of my formerly clean house.

4. Winter Blues (and Pinks and Purples)

We busted out the winter clothes today! Check out Laynie in her full-body sweater. I love winter wear but hate cold weather. Go figure.

3. Pampered Princess

On Fridays we usually go to the park. Yesterday I asked Gavin what he wanted to do and was pleasantly surprised by his answer. "Mom, I want to play in my room." He reached up and grabbed my hand, "Please come play in my room with me." So we did.

He had his own idea of what he wanted to do. Rather than playing blocks or building train sets, we spread his animals out all over the floor and gave them names. He didn't like any of my suggestions. They were all named Barkley, except one little dog that looks like my parents dog. His name was Bubba.

When we finished naming the animals he informed me it was time to take a nap. "Gav, it's only 10:30. It's too early to take a nap."

"No Mom!" He began emphatically. "It's time for YOU to take a nap." Then he took the blankets off his bed and began to "buckle" me in - instead of "tuck." Before long, I was bundled tightly under two baby blankets and had a pink pig for a pillow.

"Relax and go to sleep," he'd say every time I'd open my eyes.

He laughed hysterically at my fake snores and tucked my blankets back in every time I came "unbuckled." It was one of those sweet times with your children that you know are unlikely to happen again, but that you never want to forget.

2. Croc Wrestling

On Thursday I had two of Gavin's friends, Hannah and Landon, over for few hours. We had a blast! We painted and made super cute "hats." The kids had a blast and I did not have a panic attack. Although I always come close to hyperventilating when we do art projects in my house. Poor Gavin has a litany of rules memorized that he reviewed with his friends before the painting began. (Stifling my child's creativity vs. Saving my sanity. You decide what's more important).

When it was time for everyone to go, I see Gavin and Landon full-on wrestling for a blue croc. Gavin is a little older and a lot bigger than his pint-sized playmate, but Landon totally had the upper hand. I guess that is the blessing of having older siblings? Anyway, they both have a pair of blue crocs and Landon had mistakenly grabbed Gav's shoe, thus the melee. (Not that Landon couldn't fit both of his fit in one of Gavin's Sasquatch shoes. The kid is up to size 10 already, and he won't turn three for a couple more weeks!)

They both laughed and hugged when we got to the shoes all sorted out.

1. "Mom, I pee peed on the woman."

My friend Jami and I went out to lunch this week. While I was still chowing, Gavin decided he needed to go to the bathroom. Jami was kind (and brave) enough to take both our boys potty.

"So, that was an interesting experience." Jami said when she returned to our table. "So Gavin was hurrying a little and didn't aim..."

"Oh no!" I interrupted, "Did he get it on his clothes?"

"Not exactly..."

Gav didn't aim at all. He was standing off to one side, overshot the whole toilet, and left a puddle on the feet of the woman in the next stall.

Instead of being classy and trying to find the woman to apologize (or something), I burst into hysterical laughter. By time I got out to my car and retold the story to my brother, I was crying and laughing.

And every time I tell the story, Gav looks at me with a confused face and says, "Mom, I pee peed on the woman?"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's Wrong with this Picture?

And I'm not talking about my lack of organization. There is a baby in my pantry.

I think she is trying to tell me she's hungry. Look at her face! She's giving me the oops-I've-been-caught-please-remember-how-cute-I-am smile. Little stinker!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pat-A-Cake Laynie

If you don't mind the post-nap crooked piggies, this is a pretty cute video!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Don't worry...Gavin doesn't always look like that. He was just hopped up on sugar before he went trick-or-treating.
The Trick-or-Treating Station. Kids don't come to the door in most cases, just to the driveway.

Bunny tail and crazy piggies. She kept pulling her bunny ears off!

Check out the super cute bunny slippers! Love it!

Family Fun Day!

About six months ago, we planned our first Family Fun Day. We intended to go to the little boardwalk town of Kemah, but Hurricane Ike blew away those plans and most of the town too. Our friends, the Wegners, suggested that we take Gavin bowling. And we did...after a short stop at Barnes and Noble. I purchased two new books (WAHOO!) and Gavin played with the Thomas the Train set.

Laynie didn't have quite as much fun...

When we finally made it to the bowling alley, we had a blast! Not only did they have shoes to fit Gavin's feet, but Jamie was the ultimate example of patience.

They had an awesome "method," and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that Gavin out bowled me in the second round. Jamie, however, won both games. And he bowled a 159 the second game without using the bumpers! That's a pretty great score considering I bowled an 84...It's okay. I know I'm probably the worst bowler on the planet.

War Wounds

Look Mom! I have a bruise! Okay so you totally can't see it in the picture, but it really is there! The top of my foot and toes are swollen too.
Non-members of the Vallett Family will not understand this post, but those of us with that particular surname know exactly what I'm talking about. You see, Valletts don't bruise! For instance, MeMe got kicked in the head and had 8 stitches, but only had a slightly pink eyelid when a normal person would have had a shiner for weeks. A vacuum fell down a flight of stairs onto my mom's hand, and it didn't leave a mark. I kicked Lizzy in the shins (it's a long story) and she had nothing to show from that particular experiment. So when Gavin dropped a battery charger on my foot, a real bruise would have been the deciding factor if I needed to go to the hospital or not. I've been limping around for two days, and all I have to show is a measly gray-blue spot and some slightly puffy toes. No real bruise, so I guess it's not really broken. BUT, I will wear that gray-blue spot as a badge of honor. It may be the only bruise I have this year!