Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not Your Typical Anniversary Celebration

Jamie and I are anniversary-challenged. Did we go out to dinner and a movie? No. Did we escape for a romantic weekend together? No. Did we walk a mile to Panera, have breakfast as a family and then visit the Safety Center Open House? Yes.

Even after six years of marriage, my husband and I have been unable to reconcile our differences on what should occur for an anniversary celebration. Given that we've both been spastically busy the last few weeks, I didn't even try to argue for anything fancier. Sometimes the stress of going somewhere, makes the destination undesirable.

The Fire Station was a total delight. Gavin and Laynie had a blast, received free child ID cards, and got fire man hats and sheriff badges. Their happiness made me realize that an anniversary isn't JUST about the day Jamie and I got's really about the day we became the Wallace Family. So we had a Family Anniversary day. I hope we do it again soon.

Laynie was so little that she couldn't stay on her feet in the bounce house.

She doesn't look very scared, does she?

Two great stories for the day: 1) The officer with the Harley is none other than Deputy Sheriff Dufek. The very man who gave me my first ticket two weeks ago. I asked Gavin if he wanted to have a picture taken with the motorcylce cop. I mean, how cool would it be to sit on a Harley, right? His response, "No way! That's the cop that busted my mom!"
2) Behind DS Dufek is the Loudoun County Mobile Command Unit. They use it to run SWAT ops. Gavin's question for the police officer who was giving the tour: "Where do you keep your rockets?" The cop first looked shocked and then responded with a laugh, "We don't have any in here today."

Our little Fire Station even has their own HAZMAT truck. I'm pretty sure it will never see anything akin to the spills Houston deals with on a daily basis.

Yep, that's my baby using the fire hose to put out a "simulated" fire. She's pretty tough for a tiny little creature.

Gavin was pretty hands on. He wanted to do it "all by himself." Can you even imagine what Gavin would do if they actually let him hold that hose by himself? All I can say is run, Laynie, run.

We did drive out to the Leseberg Outlet Malls and pick up a couple of new ties for Jamie. Then we grabbed some Arby's on the way home. Nothing like roast beef "toots" to top off the perfect anniversary celebration.

It may not have been romantic, but at least it was memorable.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Not Exactly Hell's Angels

Gavin's preschool has some awesome end of the year festivities. One of which is the annual Bike Rally. All the children were rolling (literally) with their homies on an in-parking lot "obstacle course" constructed out of masking tape on the black top.

I did get some of it on film, but it wouldn't load. So this is the best I could come up's sort of like an illustrator's flip book.

Get ready, get set...


You are speed demon Gav!

Put the breaks on Gav. Seriously, HIT THE BREAKS!!

Too bad I couldn't get a picture of my near-death experience. He took out my knees with his Big Wheel. It's cool. None of us are worse for wear.

We are sad to tell Chantilly Academy goodbye. It was a great preschool with wonderful teachers. BUT, we're looking forward to Dulles South and the one minute commute.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pool Party!

The kids are greasy, their swim suits are hand-me-downs, but they were so excited to go to the pool that they posed together!

AAHHHH!!! They do like each least some of the time.

Don't mind the blurry pic. I just love that I got these shoes at Walgreen's for $3.50. Super cute, super deal!
P.S. The pic of me in my swimsuit will post later. YEAH RIGHT!