Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gardener Village Visit

My Mom, MeMe and I took the kids to Gardner Village this week. The Petting Zoo is really quaint!
Laynie rode the smallest pony. And she still looked tiny on top!

Neither of my kids have any fear of the animals. Laynie would chase down the right goat or sheep until it agreed to be "pat-patted."

She did manage to make one run away quickly. She poked it in the eye, and said, "Eye!"

This lamb had poop all over its butt, and yet it was the one she was the most interested in playing with.

This calf was so cute!

Gavin made friends with a little girl named Sydney, whose mom works at the Petting Zoo. She brought out a very young kitten, which she said was "just a couple of days old!" I think it was a tad older than that...
But Gavin loved it and wanted to take it home!

Fun at Grandma's

For Father's Day my mom made one of her FAMOUS deserts, whipped cream and chocolate wafers. After they are layered you refrigerate it until the wafers soften. It's delicious!

Laynie's favorite part is the whipped cream, which MeMe fed to her by the spoonful!

My kids are so spoiled with all these Aunts and Uncles around all the time. Laynie really loves all the attention!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Bunch of Zoobies

We made it to Hogle Zoo on one of the few fair-weather days! My mom and both of my sisters joined us.
We went to the Bird Show and the kids were amazed! We had the perfect seat for getting fly-bys. The birds flew over our heads a dozen times!
Then the kids rode the carousel.

Gav and Grandma Ardy chose the King of the Jungle.
While Laynie rode our favorite animal.
The Elephant!
Gav and the elephant had a lot in common.
Particularly their favorite dance move. Here's Gavin demonstrating the move we call "The Scorpion."

Fish and Game

We made our semi-annual trip to Cabelas for lunch, fudge and fun. We made a deal with Gavin that if he ate all his food, he could feed the fish.
They were hungry!

Here's MeMe posing with Laynie. We couldn't get her thumb out of her mouth long enough to smile or make fish faces.

Gavin or a Large-Mouth Bass...what do you think?

Here's Grandma and her favorite little beast!

Diggin' at the Point

Thanksgiving Point has a fun, kid-friendly dinosaur museum. We took the kids on one of our first days in Utah. As it was FREEZING outside, we had to find indoor activities, and this was a good one!

One of the museum's activities is supposed to demonstrate erosion. Gav just liked burying the dinosaur toys in the mud.

Jamie loves sharks. Even though he's pulling a cheesy face, I know he would love being up-close-and-personal with this Jurassic specimen. He actually wants to free-swim (that means outside the cage) with Great Whites! He's CRAZY!!

Can you see the pre-historic alligators feeding on the stegosaurus? I thought it was pretty awesome!

Gavin loved using his paintbrush to "uncover" bones in this pit.
I'm glad I got pictures of this trip because I forgot my camera when we went to Vernal! We went to the new dinosaur park there as well...My mom got some pictures on her phone, and I'll try to get some of the good ones posted.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fire House Rules

I made my little boy's dreams come true today! He was a firefighter for a few hours.
The Fire Museum wasn't very large, but it had all the things my little boy wanted: to dress up like a fireman and drive the firetruck!
Laynie and Teagan had a blast too. They chatted about shoes, summer fashion, different stroller qualities while they waited for the boys to finish playing.
Gav was the only kid there that left the firecoat and helmet on throughout the entire stay. It was only 96 degrees outside, and I'm sure he was sweating to death, but I couldn't separate him from his "gear."
Once we let Laynie out of the stroller, she had a great time driving the firetruck.
And turning on the flashing lights.

Here's the background on Dalmatians as fire dogs.

And the scary picture that is supposed to make you not fear firefighters. Right.