Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Look alike...or not.

This is Laynie and three-months old. 

This is Audrey at three-months old. 
 Besides the obvious difference (troll hair vs. no hair) do you think they look at all alike?

 Not that you can tell, but I think Audrey looks a lot like Gavin did as a baby...except that she has much more chub.  (We love chub!)

 But one thing all my kids have in common are beautiful blue eyes!  I wonder if Audrey's will be pale like Gavin's or gray-green-blue like Laynie's? 

Either way, she's DELICIOUS!! 

Visits With Friends

I didn't use my camera very much while we were in record of the zoo, of our trip to Thanksgiving Point, Joel's wedding, or the regular goof-off stuff we do when I visit my family. 
BUT, I do have this picture:
My friend Jen and I have babies that are all exactly the same age.  So we had to get a picture of our new ones.  This is little Liam and Audrey at my mom's house.  They are eight weeks apart.  Jen and I secretly have hopes that this picture will show at their wedding reception.

Later that week, her son Kai had an awesome birthday party at a rock climbing gym.  It was a blast! 

I have friends spread all across this country, but I'm lucky that we've managed to plan our summer vacations to overlap in Utah.  If we all didn't have that central tie, I don't think we'd get to see the people we love!

Summer Sprinklers

Can summer be complete without running through the sprinklers? (And having your aunt shoot you in the back?)

 My awesome outlaw, Laura (Looli's mom), sent us this super fun beach ball sprinkler that watered my kids and my yard.  Thanks Laura!

And this is our buddy Mr. Bones. 

He lives in our yard and Gavin and Laynie rescue him regularly from our dog.