Saturday, February 13, 2010

Laynie Loo is Totally Two

Happy, happy birthday Laynie Dear! Honey, you have to get a little closer to the candle to blow it out!

The cake's so good, I don't even need a fork!

Oh my gosh! Is that a tutu!?! Aunt Loo! You knew just what I needed!

I can wear a tutu with everything! Even my pretty new Sunday dress! Do you like, Daddy? Do you?

It looks great with cookie cutters too!

What could be in this one?

Thanks for the super cool velcro food, Landon! We can chop that up in my new kitchen!

Do you think I got enough stuff? (Note: The table cloth, apron and red and white hot pads were handmade by Grandma Edie. Thanks Gram-E! We've got some incredibly crafty loved ones!)

Ummm, Hello! Of course I have to wear an apron over my tutu! Heaven forbid it get dirty!
(Can you see the My Little Pony in the sink? Laynie was "washing its hair").

Everyone pitches in to "clean and organize the kitchen."

And the best present of the day...the box the kitchen came in! Did you know three little monkeys in a barrel (or box) is much more fun than two?
Many thanks to all our friends and family! Laynie's birthday was a blast. We wish we could have shared it in person.
Much Love, The Wallace Family

Happy Birthday Sister Sunshine!

Happy Birthday Laynie Jo, Laynie Loo, Laynie McJJ, Sisters Sunshine, Rainy Laynie, Baby Girl, Elayne Joelle, Little Sister, Lanes, Laynie-Doodle, etc...

Poor kid! No wonder whenever we ask you what your name is you respond, "Baby Wallace." Talk about some serious name confusion!

No matter what we call you, Laynie, you are our Sweetheart! Our near-Valentine baby has filled our home with sunshine and love. We are so glad to have you!

And so is Gavin! You have become his best friend and tag-a-long. He may pretend to be too cool for you, but he is proud to call you "Little Sis." Gavin has really become your protector this year - from bigger kids and from your own adventurous nature.

I can't imagine what he's going to be like when you finally turn 16. Yikes.

Laynie, your smile is infectious and your voice is LOUD! We love to hear you sing and watch you dance. You were born to perform.

You love to pose for pictures...

... play dress-up...

...and rock your babies to sleep...

And, you are never without your thumb and blankie!

(Check out those gorgeous legs...just had to throw this one in there.)

Don't get me wrong...we know there are two sides to your personality.

When you're not all sweetness...

...and sunshine... can show some serious ATTITUDE (just check out that walk!).
But luckily, we don't see that side of your personality too terribly often. Thanks for being my helper, my taste-tester, and my little friend. It's nice to have a girl in the house. You help Gav find his soft side, and melt Daddy into a puddle!
We all love you so much!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Bound Insanity

School was cancelled today even though there was no snow on the ground until about 3 p.m. While we were shoveling our neighbor was outside with his two boys. He left them playing in the front yard and came to talk to Jamie.

"Man, I need to get away from my kids for a few minutes."

We laughed. Being stuck inside all day while waiting for a blizzard is no fun...especially when there's no snow.

So we made snow forts inside the house.

Gav's house and his favorite pose.

Some seriously awesome "fort" hair.

Enjoying her own space.

Avalanching Gav's. I totally love that you can see his head poking up under the blanket.

Distress at the destruction of the fort. Now you know why his "other side" is the better one.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reality Check

Life is not always sunshine and roses. Someday when I finish my blog book (notice no commitment to a date), I'll look back and say, "We all look so happy! How come I remember feeling so frustrated during those early years?"

So here's my reality check:
There are two loads of laundry on my un-sheeted bed. At least some of the clothes are part-way folded.

Gavin's threatening Laynie with his "sword."

And she's screaming hysterically.

As I'm typing this, it's important to remember that I'm wearing Bri's basketball shorts, under a pair of black warm-up pants, with a beige t-shirt and black bra. I do have make-up on, although it was poorly applied and my hair is in a bun.

Oh yeah...I forgot the best part: I'm wearing Jamie's wool church socks.

This is my reality.

It's a good thing I have blog. It gives me a chance to focus on all the good, cute, funny, memorable things that go on day-to-day and forget the mundane tasks that actually define my waking hours.

I am Speed!

Jamie and Gavin decided to use a few boxes to build an awesome race car. It started like this...

...And ended like this. Just kidding! Exxon was giving away some of their props and Jamie picked up this cool car cut out.

The positioned the box behind the cut out for an awesome driver's seat. Note the use of the baby toy for a steering wheel. Very creative!

And it made this little boy extremely happy! Good job Daddy!

Photography Lessons

Gavin loves to take pictures with my camera. Sure it's a little terrifying, but I figure he's got to learn somehow. And he's a natural artist.
Here's he's trying a portrait.

Some excellent impressionist work.

Beautiful nature photography.

Light vs. Shadow

And of course, the self-portrait.
What can I say, the kid has a gift.
(If you can't hear all the sarcasm in this post, you don't know me very well!)