Monday, January 31, 2011

Visit with Gugs

Everyday in the Wallace House is an adventure. Rosy is darling, cuddly, and a total handful. I get nothing done because I spend 90 percent of my day pulling things out of her mouth. Having a dog eat toys is one thing. Having a dog eat your children...well that's an entirely different matter. So when Jamie told me he had to take a "quick trip" to Asia, I felt a little hesitant about doing it all by myself.

But he had a really great surprise in store for me.
Yep! Jamie flew his mom in for a visit. We had a really great time and the kids (and Rosy)loved the attention. I loved being able to: empty the dishwasher without a dog licking the plates, change the laundry without a dog stealing the socks, and take a shower without a dog getting in with me...although that did happen one time. Rosy is very smart.

Warden was also a huge blessing when the snow fell. Together (yep, the pregnant lady and the grandma) shoveled half-a-driveway of the heaviest snow in history. Then some kind gentlemen from our church finished the rest the next day.

Here's the snowman Gav and Gugs built on our deck...which they later knocked down with snowballs.

And here is devil dog (psycho mutt, the evil get the idea).

While Warden was here we did a quick pre-birthday celebration for Laynie. It was fun!

Even though she left exhausted (Rosy has that effect on people), I think she enjoyed her trip. We were sure glad she came!
Thanks Warden!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

True Love

True love is rocking your dog to sleep.

True love is hanging out with the puppy instead of your friends. (Rosy's in there too...look at the bottom of the picture).

True love is tucking your puppy in and sharing a scripture story.

True love is never having to sleep alone.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Ruff Holiday

Welcome Rosy Olivia to the family! We picked up our sweet puppy on January 2nd, and she is wonderful. The kids are in love...and so is Jamie. He carries her around like a burping baby. Rosy is a seven-week-old Vizsla, a Hungarian pointer. She's very mild for her breed, and has a gentle temperament.

She loves her animal toys, and acts like she's some sort of killer, growling and shaking them into submission.

But all that play makes her exhausted. She's a good sleeper, and hasn't had a single accident yet. Even during the night, she woke us up to take her potty.

The only ROUGH thing about our trip to Pittsburgh was Laynie and her horrible cold. I took her to the ER on New Year's Eve (which was a total waste of time and money) and followed up with her pediatrician today. We are now proud owners of a nebulizer! She just had her first treatment and sounds much better.