Sunday, May 31, 2009

I like to Move It!

So Gavin has decided that sometimes he's too cool (and usually way too wound up) to take a nap. Here's what I caught him doing during quiet time the other day.

Prince of Peanut Butter

My Mom is FAMOUS for her semi-disgusting favorite snack. She dips potato chips in peanut butter. Well guess what Grandma Ardy! You are not alone! Gavin will eat peanut butter by the spoonful. (I gag just thinking about it).

I tried to convince him it would taste a lot better spread on bread with a little fresh jam. I said, "When I was little Grandma Ardy would make special fold-over sandwiches. They are so yummy!"

Gavin looked interested. "She made bulldozer sandwiches?"

"No, they're called fold-overs."

Gavin pushes the sandwich off his plate, "Well, maybe if it was a bulldozer I'd eat it."

Smart Alec.

The Diva of Disaster

First Laynie made a disaster with her dinner.

So we put her in the bathtub to clean her up. Look closely...can you see what's floating in the tub?

We emptied the tub, anti-bacterialized it, and washed her again. Kids are gross. And that's all I have to say about it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Graduation Grandma Ardy!

Dear Mom/Grandma Ardy,

Congratulations on receiving your Master's Degree of Education! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments.

You didn't need a second diploma to be a true Master of Education! No piece of paper could replace the decades you've served as a teacher, mentor and parent. Certainly the new "theories" you've learned will be valuable tools, but will never outweigh your passion for your job, patience with your students and outgoing personality.

Thank you for inspiring us with curiosity and motivating us to find answers.

We love you and are grateful for you!

Your Family

Since we couldn't be with you to celebrate your graduation, we had one of our own.

And when you're bored to tears during your commencement, just remember that you weren't the only one.

Like most people, Gavin chose to skip the festivities all together and receive his diploma via the mail. He wouldn't even put on the "stupid square hat" (those were his exact words) even though he helped make it.