Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doctor's Orders

My kids are weird. Wonderfully, delightfully weird! When Gavin was a baby he wouldn't eat anything that wasn't perfectly pureed. Laynie won't eat anything smooth. So Laynie's doctor suggested we let her eat tablefood and "feed herself." As you can see, that is working well...

And since she is so malnourished, we better keep it up....yeah, right! Look at those cheeks!!

Bedded Down

The new "Big Boy" Bed...Gavin loves it! He still waits for me to come and get him in the morning too.

Laynie is finally in her crib. It is so cute and GIRLY!!

Who would have thought that Laynie would be Gavin's favorite pillow?

Friday, August 22, 2008

BACK to Normal...

1) Kicking BACK

2) Calling for BACK up

3) FeedBACK

4) Baby got BACK

It's been more than a week since I've updated our blog, but nothing too exciting is happening here. We're back to Houston, back to reality, back to a fairly mundane schedule. So I guess the highlights are the photos above: 1) Laynie puts her feet on the high chair tray just like Gavin did. I think they get that little genetic quirk from me. 2) Gavin has turned into an AMAZING helper! He even fed Laynie a bottle today while we drove home from the store. 3) Laynie does not like her vegetables mixed with cereal. She does much better when I feed them straight from the jar. Her personal fav so far is Sweet Potatoes. Yum! 4) The additional food has also increased the number of poody rolls. Such a cute little backside!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Day in Utah

Of all the things we did while in Utah, we most enjoyed our visit to Gardner Village.  So, we went again!  It was a blast even the second time around...Gavin is still fairly photophobic, but we had so much fun and we hope his face shows it!
Gavin's fourth horse back ride!  If it's possible he is actually getting good with the horses!  He knows not to walk behind a horse, pats their necks while riding and says, "Thanks good horsie" after each ride. And he always chooses the biggest horse to ride.  No pony for my boy!    
Here's Gavin calling the Bunny to him. 
His favorite part of the Village was, of course, the pond.  We had to drag him away.  
All the running around with the animals resulted in a great appetite.  He ate a huge bowl of mac and cheese at the Cheesecake Factory.  My cheesecake was delicious.  Recommendation:  White Chocolate Carmel with Macademia nuts!  

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Gavin at Franklin Covey Field. 
Grandma and Papa on the hill.
MeMe and Laynie snuggling.
We waited 30 minutes for a 2 minute ride on the mini-train. Then Gavin cried when we got off.  That part was SO not worth it...the rest of the night was a blast though.  Especially the cotton candy!  YUM!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grandma's 5-Star Hotel

At Grandma's 5-Star Hotel, the dining is exquisite!  
The spa amenities are amazing. The stylists made Laynie's hair red carpet ready.
The entertainment is stellar.  
The sleeping accommodations are unparalleled
Plus, they have access to a smoking dragon!  

A Day with the Animals

I needed a Hakuna Matata attitude for our day at the zoo...Gavin was a joy (for part of the day).  
Laynie and Great Grandma Edie had lots of smiles for the cameras.  And they were the probably the only ones...
I think this is the only shot we got of Gavin actually looking at the camera.
I wished we had gotten pictures of him riding the Lady Bug...yep, that was his first choice.  
And then everything fell apart...well, at least for Gavin. 

Everything Tastes Better in the Mountains

It also tastes a little better with some dirt in it.
Laynie's first time in a hoodie.
Papa's girl...or girl's papa.
Pretty much the cutest face in the World!  

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yummy in my Tummy!

Totally a Wallace!  Can any of us go an evening without ice cream?

That's the Point!

Hey Billy!  Want a bite?  
Be nice big horsie!
Let go Mom!  I'm big now!
Fun for everyone!
A fun day at Thanksgiving Point! Gav went on two Pony rides, and we let Laynie saddle up.  It was a blast!

Balloon Animals

MeMe and I filled up 250 water balloons for my mom's Ward party.  I don't think my fingers will ever recover.  There are so many funny things that happened and were said during the filling-fiasco, but this is a PG Blog.  If you really want to know the details (and maybe have a good laugh at our expense) just give me a call!