Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh! Christmas Tree Disaster

I decided to update our Christmas tree decorations this year. Which wouldn't have been a problem except TWO MOUSE FAMILIES decided to nest in our artificial tree.

So we bought a real one.

It was up for about a week when I realized it was covered in aphids. I spent the next three weeks vacuuming up aphid carcasses and praying we caught all the mice.

Christmas has sorry of lost it's appeal...good thing I've got ten months to gear up for it!

Happy Sixth Birthday Gavin!

For Gav's sixth birthday, we went to his favorite restaurant for dinner. He also requested a strawberry camo cake (that's why it's pink) and lots of Halo Legos.

I think he got everything he wanted!

Native American Day at Gav's School

Gavin invited me to join his class for a Native American celebration. We had a blast writing with pictographs, making necklaces, and hearing poetry.

I have no idea where the rest of the Halloween pictures went

But at least I got a couple.

Uncle Joel Came to Visit

My sweet brother was in DC for a few days and we had a chance to hang out for a little while. He's fantastic at entertaining my kids. They really enjoyed "decorating" him.

Gavin's First Day of Kindergarten

Gavin's first day of kindergarten was...interesting. The school told parents they would not be allowed to walk their child to class, but they also assured us someone would be at the doors to guide each kindergartner to class.

But there wasn't.

They wouldn't let me in and I had to listen to my sweet baby chant, "A right, then left, look for a door with a tree."

Despite my nerves, Gavin made it just fine (by himself) but came home and took a three-hour nap.

Gavin really enjoys school and adores his teacher, Ms. Hanly. She's fabulous!

Cox Farms Part II

Still posting from my phone, so normal posts are getting split into chunks. Oh well! Better something then nothing!

Fall Trip to Cox Farm

Our annual trip to Cox Farms was so much fun! The weather was perfect, the colors were bright, and it was fantastic to spend time together.

Playing Catch Up

I haven't posted in months. And I honestly feel sad that I've slipped out of the habit.

I just learned that I can post from my email  account on my phone do I'm going to give it a shot!

Wish me luck!