Thursday, December 27, 2007

Super Spoiled

Christmas with a two-year-old is so much fun! Gavin was so excited when he saw that Santa had brought him a motorcycle (trike) that he wouldn't get off it to open the rest of his presents...until he saw his Thomas the Train set. Now we have to put Thomas "to bed" every night so that Gavin will relax and go to sleep. Parents create their own little monsters.

Monkey-ing Around

Both the Vallett and Wallace Families share a tradition of getting new pajamas for Christmas every year. Jamie's brother, Brandon, has coined the long underwear-type "Monkey Skins." This year the Wallace Grandkids actually got "Monkey Skins" with monkeys on them. Some pretty hysterical monkey-ing around amongst the cousins.

Potty Language

We've been attempting to potty train the last few weeks...with limited success. But today we had a breakthrough! Only two accidents out of eight potty attempts. We are pretty excited. Here is a shot of our little man in his "big boy underpants."