Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday at the Fire Station

Our local fire station hosts an open house every June. Jamie and I took Gav and Laynie, but left Audrey home with Aunt MeMe. It was good for the big kids to have a little one-on-one time with mom and dad!

The trucks were so shiny that the kids could see their reflections. Can you see Gav's little face?

The tires on the ladder truck were almost as tall as Laynie.

Almost the same picture as last year!

The kids favorite part: the bounce house!

And of course, the free hot dogs!

The bomb squad was a new addition. Gav thought the robot was AWESOME!

And the police patrol boat was a big hit!

The coolest part of the day, in my opinion, was how well my kids answered the fire safety questions! Even Laynie knew to crawl and check the door for heat. Not that
it's a relief exactly, but at least the aren't clueless!

And in typical crazy Saturday fashion, Gav also had his last t-ball game and end of the season party.

Here he is with his super cool trophy. He was so proud that he put it on my dresser.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Two Weeks

Audrey's two weeks old today! She has gained a little weight and is a pretty sweet baby...except at night. Not a good sleeper. I guess it should't be a surprise since she looks exactly like Gavin, and he didn't sleep at all till he was four months old.

The other kids have had plenty of attention from Aunt MeMe and Grandma Ardy. And Guggy sent an awesome package to keep them busy. Gav and his dad built this awesome castle. Think he likes it?

Laynie likes to play mommy's helper...some of the time. We've seen the green-eyed monster rear it's jealous little head on occasion.

My sister, Lizzy, sent this GORGEOUS blanket. Yes, she did crochet it herself.

And Grandma Ardy gave Audrey her first bath.

I was nervous to bathe Gavin when he was a baby, so I made my mom do it. Since then it's been a tradition.

Gavin's Preschool Graduation

Phew! Preschool is over! Gavin had a great year in Ms. Vickie's class. He loved school, his teacher and new friends.

Here he is receiving his diploma.

Since I was in the hospital, Grandma Ardy, MeMe, Laynie and Daddy got to enjoy the graduation festivities.

And of course, the diploma became a sword. Gavin can turn anything into a weapon!

I'm sad I didn't get to hear the graduation songs, first hand. My mom said they were entertaining!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's in my Jeans

I always post a picture of my babies when they wear their first pair of jeans. Ninety percent of the pictures they have taken for the rest of their lives will probably be when they are in denim. So it seems important to document the first one.

I have a very similar picture of Gavin holding Laynie on my blog back in 2008. Here's the link. Looking back at that old picture of he's grown so much!

And speaking of another right of passage, don't we all need pictures of our boys covered in dirt?

Poor hot and sweaty Gavin! T-Ball at 90+ degrees is MISERABLE!