Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Mania

Once you have kids the Super Bowl is less about the game, and more about the preparations. Then when all the pre-game smack talk is done and the plates are filled, someone still has to watch the kids.
Although Gavin and the other Wallace Mites love football, it's not nearly as much to watch as to play. So we took over Warden's game room and played our own version. Becky vs. Kids. Both Gavin and Bailey had a football. I'm not really sure what the rules were, but my job was pretty well defined: Tackle anyone who comes near you. And if they get past you, shout TOUCHDOWN and tell the scorer to do a dance...I wish I had video of the Bummer Bandit Boogie (performed by Bailey) and the "I'm A Maniac" Flashdance (from Gavin). Alas, you will have to manage with the tackle highlights.

Jamie's already drilling Gavin on ball handling skills. Note that he didn't fumble.

I didn't know there was a penalty for tickling until much too late.
Here Gavin is double-checking the play call. I thought 42 Belly (aka runaway from your Mom) was a pretty obvious selection. When football gets boring (translation: I'm letting the kids score on every play just so that I don't have to tackle them) give them a couple strips of bubble wrap. Can you say mesmerized?
The Super Bowl was fun. Who won?

Monday, February 2, 2009


The weather here has been remarkably beautiful! As I've spent enough years in Houston to know that this will never last, we've been making good use of it.
Laynie went on her first swing ride after the doctor gave her a bill of good health. FINALLY! We keep praying that the ear infections stay away.

We met my sister-in-law Brianne and her son Isaac at the park.

Gavin and I slid down the slides and even attempted the fireman poll. I will not be posting pictures of that or the bruises that resulted...my bruises, in places that no one would ever want to see. (I'll just leave it up to your imagination).

The Hat Part Deaux

Laynie loves hats! She crawls around in her brother's baseball caps anytime she can find one.
She's got the "application process down." First, she lifts it has high above her head as her short little arms will stretch.

Then (when she doesn't miss) she put in on backwards.

And tugs it down nice and tight. I think I need to find her an Astros hat in pink. I'd feel a little better about her wearing one of those.